update on my weight loss journey

so part of the reason that i've been MIA is that i have been working out hard in the gym...seriously like every day. its crazy but oh so worth it. i started on May 1st, i have invested in a personal trainer and the body bug...which work very well together. even though i haven't had a tremendous loss in weight i feel healthier, i have a better understanding of my eating habits and how those calories affect my progress. so far i have lost 10 pounds, which is by no means a fail...at first i felt like i wasn't working out hard enough, but honestly i'm on target...and i'm learning as i lose which i had never done before. before i would hit the gym for hours and not eat at all...i would drop 20 pounds in a couple weeks and then put it right back on a month later. this time i'm making a life change and like my favorite saying goes "slow and steady wins the race".

it hasn't been easy. let me tell you chile i started out strong in week one, i lost my first 10 pounds that week, during week 2 it was mothers day and my brothers birthday so i had SO much food and i got lazy that week, i didn't work out for 4 days and you guessed it, i put back on every pound. so week 3 was like starting all over again, but i pushed myself harder that week...i started jogging outside and hitting the gym so i was able to drop those 10 pounds, and this week has been a success as well.

i am really finding it easy to gain motivation from situations that have occurred in the past week or so..

my trainer is great, i see him a couple times a week and he finds ways to keep my interested. i love having someone dedicated to my success. and i love my body bug, although i have to wear it all the time and it can sometimes be noticeable, i like being able to see how many calories i burn throughout the day and compare those to the calories that i am consuming. it definitely helps with making better choices when i eat.

i'm trying to get right for my vegas birthday extravaganza!! i whole heartedly believe that i will make it to my goal weight, it makes me excited to think about what i will look like and the things that i will finally be able to wear. its a great feeling to be able to believe in your future and in yourself.

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