Wild Out Wednesday

man what a night i had on wednesday. i haven't been out on the scene and had that much to drink in such a long time...i don't even know what was going on in my mind. i kind of started the night off with the mindset of i'm here to have fun and i'm only going to drink a little because i know i have to get my butt to work in the morning. but all that went to hell once i got to seattle. the plus side is that i didn't have to buy my drinks, i was so lucky to strike up conversation with this nice guy who ended up buying me 2 drinks which successfully fucked me up.

after that the nights a blur, lets just say i didn't make it home until 2 in the afternoon on thrusday, which means i didn't make it to work. just to touch a little on why i didn't make it home...well i almost made it home. i got back to my car and my phone was being blown up by the douche bag (eariler post) and of course in my drunken state i fell into his trap and ended up back in seattle...oh man. i'm sitting here having flashbacks which aren't half bad, but still...i'm left asking myself why did i go there AGAIN! as if the last time wasn't enough. i swear if people only knew how many times this has happened...they would be shocked. i think what makes it worse for me is that he is so shady about it. like the first time it happened, it was real random and extremely unexpected. but good enough to go back a second, third, fourth...etc, you get the picture. but its like when we are in the same place things are so awkward, i think its because we know the same people and are run in the same crowds...and people i think want to see how we react to each other. the funny thing is we have this secret code...like we will make eye contact for a few seconds and its within those seconds that we know if we are going to kick it old school or not...i don't really have an issue with him, but i do feel like he has issues. i mean, i think he doesn't want people to know he actually enjoys hanging with me which is weird because there ain't nothing wrong with me...*sigh* ok let me get off this train before i share too much.

waking up in someone else's house after a crazy night of partying is so weird. i just wanted to be at home in my own bed, but i was so far away. the drive to my car was so weird, i couldn't remember anything..just bits and pieces. when i got to my car my windows were down...i must have been really drunk to leave my car in some strange parking garage overnight. lol. when i got home i was bombarded with texts and phone calls about the night before....oh man so random.

so now i might be going on this no drinking for 30 days challenge with the bff but looking at my calendar of events, i'm not so sure that will happen, but hey let's keep hope alive! here's to day 1 of being sober.

Never Again!

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